Nadine Hill is the ‘Time Management Mum’ and a born ‘do-er’. As a mum of two young children, combining hectic family life with her own successful business and a burgeoning career as an author, what Nadine doesn’t know about time management, organisation and multi-tasking just isn’t worth knowing.

Nadine’s path to becoming a real-life ‘superwoman’ began on September 18th 1974, when she was born (in Leeds, West Yorkshire), two weeks early, eager to make her mark on the world and show how you can achieve the impossible and still have time for a cuppa and a cuddle with the family in front of Corrie at the end of the day.

After a successful career in fashion and consumer PR, Nadine launched her own business, The Dream PA, in April 2005, with £50 working capital, a great idea and a bucketload of passion. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength, helping hundreds of UK SMEs to manage their time better and to grow through effective outsourcing.

Nadine has also written her first book, “The Juicy Job”, which has helped dozens of business start ups in the growing field of Virtual Assistance and is currently writing her second non-fiction book, aimed at professional working mums on the subject of time management.

A firm believer in ‘living like you mean it’, Nadine has a long list of ambitions to fulfill and has already crossed some off the list such as appearing on TV game shows, running a business and studying at the London College of Fashion. She is still working towards plenty of other aspirations such as having a hot tub in her garden, hosting a book signing and having lunch with Jane McDonald!

You might have heard or read about Nadine in the media, as she’s appeared in numerous national and regional publications and on local radio. Never one to be lost for words, she also wrote and presented her own two hour radio broadcast entitled “The gift of time” on BBC Radio Leeds, when her natural warmth and business nous won her the public vote in a regional competition.

An experienced public speaker, Nadine specialises in small business efficiency, managing time, the enterprise journey and achieving work/life balance. The latter subject is one that she is ridiculously passionate about and is a firm believer in being able to ‘having it all’ – a thriving business and a happy family (hers consists of husband Simon and 2 kids).

She’s not a robot or a stern taskmaster – far from it. She’s just a highly driven, organised mum and entrepreneur who makes the most of every second – and can show others how to do the same.

Nadine Hill, The Time Management Mum

Nadine Hill, The Time Management Mum


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  1. timemanagementmum Says:

    I’d like to post an addendum to the above by saying that part of the reason for me wanting to start a time management blog is because I was so frustrated that all of the existing ‘time management experts’ in the public domain are men! Whilst I agree that they have some valuable tips, theories and pointers and you can learn a lot from them, if you really want to know about practical, ‘grassroots’ time management, just ask any modern working mum!
    The juggling act that working mums nowadays have to perform is amazing. We have achieved great heights in our careers thanks to having strong, determined women before us pave the way by fighting for equal opps and the rights we now enjoy, but when we become mothers we feel the pressure to sustain this level of business momentum with the new and different pressures of being an omnipresent, hands on mum.
    I felt that women like me were under-represented in the public eye and public speaking arena and I wanted to redress that balance by launching the Time Management Mum blog.
    I hope it provides some entertaining reading and valuable tips against a backdrop of ‘real life’. These are not abstract time management theories, they are grounded in reality and they are what works for me. I hope that you can apply them to your life to work for you too, because at the end of the day, time management is all about getting things done that need to be done, but effective time management also means having some time in your day to relax and enjoy your life and the fruits of your labour.

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