Whatcha got in the bag?!

I love colour – colourful clothes, colourful home products, colourful food (I like a nice bit of green on the plate! – but not mould! LOL)

The only thing colourful that I’m not wild about is colourful make up and colourful language!

My dad bought me some new mugs a few weeks ago – here is my Jelly bean mug:


These are my daughter’s sweets that I’ve nicked to eat and you can also see my ‘Busy Book’.  This is my personal organiser that I designed and now sell to other women who like a bit of colour!  You can see more about those here.

I like colour in my accessories too so I’m currently using a fab pink leather studded bag for my day to day use:


Do you remember that Will Smith film- “Enemy of the State”?

There was a scene in it where the ‘baddies’ could guess what was in his bag as it changed shape when they looked at it from different camera angles.  So let’s have some fun!  What could be in my bag?  No prizes available this time, just the kudos of being right!!

Clue: there are 11 items….

All fun responses welcome!…


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