The secret to time management? Being adaptable!… and playing like a kid!

Today the UK is seeing the heaviest snow since I can remember! I LOVE IT! It reminds me of the late 70’s and early 80’s when I was a kid and got to slide down the hill on a plastic bag!

So we were going to try to get to school but the ‘mums hotline’ started at about 8am and by 8.30am every mum I know had been called or text to say that ‘Mr Bishop’ (The Headteacher) says the kids won’t be marked as absent if they stay off today, as people are finding it tricky to get in. Isn’t it funny how in the UK we are so unprepared for snow? In general I mean! The councils knew about the snow several days ago and yet there are no gritters on the streets. I saw a car having to be pushed back into its drive as the driver had changed their mind about risking it!

Anyway, we had to set out in the weather (which the kids were excited about) as we had to do a mercy dash to the shops. Our cat is such a pampered puss that she refuses to pee outside so we had to get her some cat litter! My husband’s business partner called Simon to get together a bit later that morning for work, so my little family all went to the shops….. and had a snowball fight! It was so funny, I forgot what a laugh it can be to act like a kid sometimes! Isabella and I ambushed Simon with a flurry of snowballs to his chest as he hid behind a parked car to catch us by surprise. The downside for me (and you mums will empathise I’m sure) was that I have a (to put it politely) a ‘dicky’ pelvic floor from having 2 children and I laughed so hard I had to get a shower when I got back in!

To show you the fun (and the level of snow in Yorkshire) here are some piccies taken at about 8.45am…..


Gotcha Daddy!

On our way to the shops…

So I had to cancel my business meeting that was scheduled to take place a 30 minute drive away, and both kids are with me as the school is closed but at least I can adapt! Broadband and my laptop means I can still work and my BlackBerry keeps me connected! So it’s not a disaster! Plus I enjoyed the walk in the snow but I’m glad I’m back now to get a mug of hot ‘builders’ tea and some warm, buttered toast! Mmmmmm….



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