Ah! My hand ‘other woman’ is the 2o year old me!!

I don’t know if you have found this, but since becoming a mum, I have rarely had ‘nice nails’. My hands used to be so elegant with naturally long nails that looked as though I spent a fortune on manicures, but since I had smelly bums to change and my hands were constantly in and out of dishwater and in disinfectant, my once lovely nails have become brittle and damaged.

I became so fed up with this after having my second child (I just didn’t feel glamorous anymore!) so I started having falsies put on at the beauty salon. These looked lovely but they require constant upkeep and when you have to have the periods when your nails ‘rest’ in between applications, my own nails just looked stumpier and even more unglamorous!

Three weeks ago I had the last of the falsies removed so I could let my real nails have a chance to breathe and I decided that in these credit crunching times, I would economise and try to get my own nails back to their former glory so I can once again look like I spend all my time and money at the nail bar! I trimmed them, removing the jagged bits, buffed them up and put a coat of clear polish on and waited for them to grow.

I had observed a product in the supermarket earlier by Sally Hansen called Nailgrowth Miracle, which promised 30% longer nails in one week, but as it cost £8.95, I decided to leave it for a week and see what my nails did all by themselves. I figured that they are a living entity so they are bound to grow alone – ha! This was a fallacy! After one week of zero movement on the length, and they still looked stumpy, I decided to buy a bottle for £8.95 and see what happened.

I love a job well done and I have to say “Hats off” to Sally Hansen. This product is supposed to be applied every other day but I was impatient so I applied it each evening and after just 2 days I could really see a result. After the week, my nails had started to grow again, and I felt that I was getting somewhere! I don’t know what they put in it but whatever it is, it works!

Here is a picture of the bottle…

If any mums out there are wishing they could have their 20 year old self’s nails back, this is the way to do it! I’m now a raving fan and I always keep my bottle by the bed so I can put it on just before I sleep. I will never remember or have chance for it to dry in the daytime – I’m always on the go, so it has become part of my bedtime ritual, along with the large cup of tea, the cuddle with the kids and the listening to relaxing music!

I’m still not 100% where I want my nails to be – they still need to grow longer but this product has really given them a kick start.

My hands are starting to look 10 years younger – without surgery!!

I’d have to give it 5 stars!



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