Competition!! Gimme your ‘Me’ Time!!

Being a juggling, business owning mum (and wife, and trying to be a domestic goddess but not doing so good at that as my cream carpets need a good shampoo – but let’s not go there girlfriend!)

Well, as I was saying, a busy mum like me needs all the ‘me’ time she can get – and so do you!

Today at the school gates another mum made me laugh as tomorrow is Friday – this means ‘Family Learning’ at our school.  I don’t know if every primary school does this but Family Learning is where you go in with the child and stay for approx 45 minutes into the lesson to observe the class and see what the kids are learning.  Parent’s don’t have to go but if they can, the kids love having ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ there and any toddlers or babies that are with ‘mum’ that day are also in the classroom so the kids all find it fun!

Family Learning is great for the kids but can be a drag for some of the parents, because they can’t always make it because of work then they feel bad as their child lays a guilt trip on them, so whenever Family Learning is cancelled – a lot of the parents’ are secretly pleased!:)

Well as it is Family Learning tomorrow, Ive promised my 6 year old I will be there.  One of the other mums has her first Friday off work in months and said how she was looking forward to it, so when another mum reminded her it was Family Learning tomorrow, her face fell and she said she was going to tell her son that she had to work!!  We all laughed – I’m sure she probably will come tomorrow, but sometimes a busy mum has to be creative with getting her ‘me time’.


I want to hear about your ways of getting some ‘me time’ for yourselves in your busy lives.  Don’t worry – the blokes and kids don’t read this blog so no-one will ever find out!  But tell me what is the most creative way you have ever found to carve out some time….

To make it fun, I am offering a prize to (what I think is the) best or funniest tip!  The winner will receive a Dream PA ‘Busy Book’.  This is a loose leaf personal organiser with a year 2009 week to view diary insert, in a stunning red colour!  The front cover features the kitsch ‘Dream PA’ girl logo embossed into it and it was designed for the stylish modern busy woman to plan her life!  The Busy Book retails at £39.99 and you can read a little more here.  I will be getting photos of this organiser but not until mid Feb so until then you’ll have to make do with a ‘cartoon’ image!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, simply submit a comment to this post including your first name, your tip or story and your email address so I can contact you if you win!  If you’d prefer to keep your email confidential, then PM me at telling me your tip but if you do this you still need to comment on the blog!  The idea is to share the tips and stories around!!

The competition closes on Friday 27th February at 0900 and I will select the winning story and post the results by 1700 – Good luck!

PS) If you can’t wait that long and want to buy one of these fabulous personal organisers (I use one myself every single day – it goes everywhere with me!) then you can click here and purchase one directly.  That’s an idea – with it being red, it could make a great Valentines Day present!  You’ll have to tell the fella!

PS) Any mums can share their stories but for the purpose of the competition, it’s UK entries only.  I’m not Rockefeller!!


11 Responses to “Competition!! Gimme your ‘Me’ Time!!”

  1. Sabi Grivec Says:

    Me Time – Quality Time. Juggling kids, three jobs, household, family, family pet calls for strict military precision in my household, okay perhaps, I exaggerate a little but with two year old twin boys and a husband who starts work really early it certainly does feel like that sometimes. I am due to launch a new networking group here in Bristol and networking is a great way to meet other women at whatever stage you’re at with your business. You also might just be wanting to get great ideas, meet new people, mix and mingle. This is quality ‘me’ time over a bite to eat with stimulating female conversation, a purposeful meeting format and everyone leaves with the little grey cells whirring just that little bit more. You are elevated, inspired, ready to conquer the world with your new ideas, your feet hardly touch the floor……..until you get back home to reality and the best job of all: being a Mum.

  2. Wendy Shand Says:

    I run which is a busy business specialising in sending families off on fantastic villa holidays in France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

    I wonder if I alone in loving the idea of ‘me time’ but struggle with the reality of fitting it in? I have found that there is a 20 min window between dropping the kids off at school and then starting work at 9.30am (as long as I don’t spend too long nattering at the school gate) to come home and spend a few minutes to myself doing some yoga and meditation.

    I reckon that anyone who needs me can wait 20 mins and I feel so much better set up for the day. It is tempting to use that time to put on another wash, shovel the hoover around but have come to the conclusion that 20 mins is nothing in the great scheme of things!

    Look forward to hearing your other ideas.
    Warm regards

  3. Monica Barlow Says:

    I have managed to sneak some ‘me time’ in by joining a gym that no-one knows about!
    After I drop the kids at school, I go for a swim and use the steam room. It’s bliss to do something just for me where no phones or little voices can reach me! I always do my hair and make up after the gym though – I don’t want anyone to realise I’ve been there and not doing housework!!

  4. Homeofficemum Says:

    Having been a mum for five years and running my own business ( I haven’t had any me time for as long as I can remember. This year I decided to do something about that and have signed up to sail in the Clipper Round the World Yacht race. I’ll be sailing the first leg only – from the UK to Brazil. It’ll be five weeks of me time plus 4 weeks of training before then. It does mean havingn to fit 9 weeks worth of work/children/household/money earning/everything else in somewhere else.

    The way I figure it, I haven’t had a holiday at all since being a mum – so this is equivalent to two weeks holiday a year for the last five years! See my blog which tracks my progress as the race nears. And feel free to sponsor me!

  5. Sarah Ainslie Says:

    On the fairly rare occasions I find myself with some me time I make a point of NOT catching up with work, NOT flicking the duster round, tidying the toys away or prepping a meal for later and NOT nipping to the supermarket, in fact nothing productive at all!

    I much prefer to do something that just benefits myself and is a luxury (to me at least!). This might be curled up on the sofa with a good book, watching a DVD (I like to watch a series like 24 in blocks on DVD – I never seem to remember to watch them when they’re on the telly!) or just having a nap! These are things you just can’t do when you have a toddler running round or a husband watching Top Gear so it’s bliss and you feel so much better for it!

  6. Claire Johnson Says:

    Hi I think you will be struggling with this as I do not believe mum’s get “me” time” I know I only catch glipses of it. I am off work ill today and have some unexpected me time as both kids are at nursery. But all I can think of is the housework i really should be sticking on mama mia or reading a good book!!! Normally the only me time I get is when I get five minutes on face book.

  7. Terry Anne Says:

    My me time has all year round availability. I venture out of the door into the garden and indulge in the 102degrees warmth of the hot tub.

    I can relax quietly, listen to the CD player or have a massage with the various water jets.

    The added bonus for me is that when in or around water I become very creative, so I often have “light bulb” moments and come up with great new ideas for my business.

    Twenty minutes indulgence and I feel like I have had a weeks holiday and ready to face the world again. Bliss!!!

  8. Claire Bennett Says:

    For me, ‘me time’ is simply that part of the day where my thoughts are my own without the constant demands and interruptions of family and work.

    My company runs preschool music and singing classes for the under 5’s and so my working day is very busy with constant contact with our franchisees and parents. I am home-based and have 4 children, so the period of time before and after school is also pretty hectic.

    So even though our sons primary school is 3 miles away from where we live, I insist (most mornings) that we leave the car at home and walk to school. This involves a 40 minute walk in with the boys and then a 40 minute walk back by myself leaving me time to gather my thoughts, listen to some music on the ipod or just totally zone out.

    It also means that I can keep fit and tire the dog out at the same time but the part that I really cherish is the ‘me time’ that I get on the walk home!

  9. timemanagementmum Says:

    Wow! Great tips so far… Choosing a winner will be difficult!
    I LOVE Terry Anne’s hot tub – I’m soooo jealous! I really want a hot tub in the back garden so I can sip a flute of bubbly and pretend to be Kath & Kim!
    Claire Bennett’s 40 minute walk by herself is cool too – It’s a real luxury to have that long to listen to your iPod and all the great music you used to listen to daily before the ‘Lazytown’ CD started being played on repeat on the car stereo!!
    The competition closes on Friday so check back to see who won!
    (and tell your ‘mum’ friends, if they want to be in with a chance of winning, send me a ‘Me time’ Tip!!)

  10. Sam Pearce Says:

    A quick game of Sudoku on the toilet – does that count??!!

  11. Charlotte Burford Says:

    With two small children and running a business it is hard to try to get some “me time” also hubbie is a Scout Leader and I end up helping him out every week even though it is his project. I have two occassions when I can get some good quality “me time” on a Friday evening while the children are in bed and hubbie is at Scouts I tend to have a long soak in the bath with a glass of wine and every other Thursday I enjoy Scrapbooking and attend a class to learn new techniques and have a giggle.

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