How to make a pink ‘Bratz’ bathrobe look like Yves St Laurent!

This morning it struck me how my 6 year old daughter looked like the famous YSL ‘Le Smoking’ images wearing her pink Bratz bathrobe over her ‘trouser suit’ style school uniform.  Now I know that Helmut Newton shot the picture in black & white – there was no pink to be seen!  But if you picture her in black & white it’s a near match!  It made me smile because of course she has no idea who YSL was when I told her my observation, but it brought a touch of fashion glamour into my day – however unintentionally!

I’d made her wear the bathrobe over her uniform because we always get dressed upstairs before going downstairs for breakfast, and I didn’t want any Coco Pops spilled down her white shirt.  She never actually spills on the bathrobe but I feel safer knowing that it’s there when she’s eating.  I have enough to think about on a morning without having to get a change of clothes sorted before half past eight!

Having said that, I regularly have a change of top myself after the school run so I always dress in something I wasn’t intending to wear that day so I can change into my preferred top after the kids are safely dropped off.  With a 1 year old in tow, I’m bound to get some dribble on me or have a Weetabix covered hand brush my top or when I’m really in a rush, some very attractive sweat patches!  It’s essential to have a clean top to pull on after the crappy school run one goes into the wash bin.  This is why some school run mums look like they do – we are dressed in our ‘utility’ gear for the active duty and will change into something more uncomfortable when we are back to only having ourselves to worry about!  We are all yummy mummies really!

So to recap, use the kids bathrobe to stop breakfast spills and have your children neatly turned out for school and have a spare top for you!  If you want to know about modern time management, just as the Time Management Mum!


3 Responses to “How to make a pink ‘Bratz’ bathrobe look like Yves St Laurent!”

  1. Debs Says:

    I have the same thing with my kids, though I admit to having the messiest eaters in the world!! Lol

    I have to confess that when I do the school run I often have my pj’s on under my clothes….not sure what the logic is other than sheer laziness!! LOL


  2. timemanagementmum Says:

    haha I’m glad the post resonated with someone!
    I’ve never done the school run in my PJs but once I went to the McD’s drive thru wearing them as I couldn’t be bothered to change! I’m just so glad the car didn’t break down that day! Don’t fancy waiting for the RAC in those! Lol!

  3. Internet Consultant Says:

    Must admit much of this post over my head – but I take it, it was ‘props day’ for your 60s at BNI? Good luck with your blog

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