The big chill…

The best saying I’ve ever heard is so true – it goes like this:

“I am a human being – not a human doing!”

I heard this a couple of years ago at a personal development workshop and I’ve tried to remind myself of it frequently.  You busy mums will know – you have so much to do daily – just to stand still, never mind progressing with any dreams and goals, so we do end up spending a lot of time ‘doing’.

This weekend, I indulged myself with a rare treat – I had a pyjama day!  I slept in, had breakfast in bed, followed by a shower and into a fresh pair of pyjamas then I spent the day pottering around the house, watching a bit of TV, reading my book, and just generally enjoying doing ‘nothing’.  My husband took our eldest child to watch the rugby game and my 1 year old son and I had a nap, played with toys and generally hung out.  It was fantastic!

When your whole week is about schedules and getting places on time and returning calls, making meetings and responding to urgency, it is so nice to switch off and chill.  So this tip from the Time Mangagement Mum is to make space to do absolutely nothing once in a while.  It is necessary to switch off to be so ‘on’ the rest of the time!

If you want to know about time management, just ask a modern working mum!


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