Don’t let rushing leave you out in the cold!

Have you ever been rushing in and out of the house, maybe putting things for your day into the car, and in your haste, you’ve slammed the front door shut and locked yourself out?!

I have.  I know loads of other people that have too, and it was even harder to juggle things once I had 2 kids to get into the car and get to school on time.  So I came up with a great idea and now some of the other mums at school have copied it so I know it’s not just me who finds that it works!

I wear a lanyard round my neck to which I’ve attached my car keys.  I also have a separate one for my house keys.  If I’m in and out of the house rushing back and forth, I wear the keys round my neck and when I’m ready to go, I just remove the lanyard and put the keys into the ignition!

When I get to the car or where I’m going, I just put the whole keys and lanyard into my handbag so I’m not wearing it all day!  It’s only a bit of extra fabric to carry in my handbag after all, and it keeps your hands free.  It really becomes useful when you are carrying heavy shopping, maybe at the supermarket, and you would normally  need to juggle keys, heavy items and purses etc.  You just hang the keys round your neck and it’s there ready when you get to the car!

The funny thing is that at first I felt a bit silly, wearing a lanyard with my keys on, but now it’s second nature and people don’t really notice it might look odd.  Lots of companies ask their staff to wear an ID card which they wear around their necks, so people just assume it’s one of those!

Honestly, try it, next time you have a lot to remember and are maybe getting kids or other people rounded up and into the car.  If you have kids, you’ll know that they dawdle or refuse to get in the door you hold open for them.  It’s hard enough getting them out on time so this makes life much easier!  If you don’t have kids, it is still a great tip.  At least you’ll never lose your keys again, if they are round your neck!

If you want to know anything about juggling a lot of tasks, just ask the Time Management Mum!


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